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Pressure Washing in Abbotsford

Our professional grade hot water pressure washing equipment and experieced staff can handle variety of tasks, from residential single story house to multi-residential strata complexes, store fronts, farm machinery, grain silos and more.


Hot water pressure washers easly remove chewing gum from side walks, coffee and oil stains from drive thru lanes or dirt, moss and algae from concrete, siding or brick.  With ability to control pressure and water temperature we are able to safetly remove dirt from more delicate substrates and finishes.  Contact us for your free quote and consultation today.


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Gutter Cleaning in Abbotsford

With average annual rainfall of 60.5 inches,  City of Abbotsford is one of the rainiest cities in Canada.  Gutter cleaning and maintenance is one of the most essential home maintenance tasks in our city.  Free flowing and leak free gutters prevent leaks, mould and water damage to the exterior evelope as well as interior and basement of your property.   Eco-Green Power Washing and Restorations can clean and repair your gutters safetly and efficiently.  Our ladders are equipped with special leveling devices to ensure stability and safety, we also use ladder stand offs and never lean our ladders against the gutter to prevent damage.  We can easly seal leaking gutters is appropriate sealant and guarantee all repairs for a period of one year.    


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Pressure Washing and Gutter Cleaning in Abbotsford

Eco-Green Power Washing and Restorations provides professional quality exterior cleaning and maintenance services for residents, businesses, stratas and farm customers in Abbotsford.   Planning to pressure wash you house in Auguston?  Do you need your awnings cleaned in Central Abbotsford?  Are your gutters overflowing in Bradner?  WE ARE JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY, CONTACT US TODAY!

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