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Langley - tilt up panel joint caulking

Maintaining the integrity of the building envelope is a sure way to avoid expensive repairs in the future.   Keeping water tight seal around windows, doors, flashings and other penetrations in the building envelope (i.e. pipes, wires etc.) prevents drafts, moisture, bugs and rodents from entering inside building causing mold, infestation and loss of heating or cooling.  Caulking is one of the main methods of sealing gaps and cracks in the building envelope.  It is also used to seal joints between two dissimilar building materials (i.e. concrete, wood, metal, vinyl).  Properly applied caulking should last from 5 to 10 years.  Durability of caulking depends on the quality of sealant, as well as on matching a proper sealant to the intended application.   Eco-Green Power Washing and Restorations’ experienced technicians inspect, repair/replace or apply caulking to homes, businesses or new construction projects.  We only use professional quality sealants and caulks to ensure a durable seal.


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