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Gutter Cleaning
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Property Maintenance And Repairs

Professional Power Washing (aka Pressure Washing)  is the one of the best ways to improve your the curb appeal of your property or a place of business.  Eco-Green offers proffessional pressure washing services for residential, commercial and strata customers.  Learn more ...

Clean free flowing gutters to prevent serious water damage to your building envelope and interior of your house.  Clogged and leaking gutters will cause damage to the building exterior finishes, trim and even foundation leaks.  Overflowing and damaged gutters might also cause leaks to the interior of your house including attics, walls and window.  Learn more ...

Maintaining the integrity of the building envelope is a sure way to avoid expensive repairs in the future.   Maintaining water tight seal around windows, doors, flashings and other penetrations in the building envelope (ie. pipes, wires etc) prevents drafts, moisture, bugs and rodents from entering inside buiding envelope causing mold,  infestation and loss of heat or cooling.   Learn more ...


We provide various other maintenance services such as: painting, asphalt repairs, line painting, tiling, concrete repairs and handyman services. Any deficiencies or required repairs we notice while performing our services will be reported to property owner or managers and we will discuss the next steps.  Contact Us to discuss you property maintenance needs.

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Pressure Washing
Professional pressure washing
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Eco-Green Power Washing prides itself in providing safe, professional and quality services.   We are covered by 5M Liability Insurance and registered and in good standing with WorksafeBC.   Are you a property manager looking for a dependable company to power wash your industrial complex? Or are you a home owner getting your property ready for market?  Eco-Green offers full range of power washing, gutter cleaning, and caulking and general property repair services.

Regular window cleaning not only improves your property’s look but it also prevents build up which over time might be impossible to remove.  We provide a full range of window cleaning solutions to clean safely and efficiently, this includes: water-fed poles, extension poles and detergents which leave your windows sparkling clean.   We can also take care of hard-to-remove paint stains and hard water deposits.



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Window Washing

Regularly cleaned awnings, signs and canopies not only make your place of business more inviting but it also prevents premature deterioration.   Eco-Green Power Washing and Restorations uses tools and environmentally friendly detergents to clean and protect your vinyl and canvas awnings, signs and canopies.

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Awning And Sign Cleaning
Window Washing
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